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AM Dismissal Times

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AM Dismissal Times
by Joseph Peregrin - Thursday, 5 September 2019, 4:28 PM

10:45am – dismiss DIERUFF (Lot #3)

10:50am – dismiss BUILDING 21 (Lot #3), EMMAUS (Lot #3), 
PARKLAND (Lunch in Large Café)

10:55am – dismiss WILLIAM ALLEN (Front of School) and 
WHITEHALL (Lunch in Large Café)

11:02am – Academic Center Students (to 5th period)

11:05am – dismiss NORTHWESTERN LEHIGH (Lot #3)

11:15am – dismiss CATASAUQUA (Front of School)
dismiss NORTHERN LEHIGH (Lunch in Large Café)

Any student attempting to leave prior to their posted dismissal time for their sending school district will receive a disciplinary referral for cutting class.  Please remember to leave at your specific dismissal time.