About Our Instructor

Mr. Joseph Peregrin is the instructor of our lab and is one of the reasons all of this is possible. He has years of experience within the technology field and can answer almost any question you have. Mr. Peregrin is a teacher that will steer you in the right direction but will not keep you from pursuing your goals.

Under his instruction, our lab is prestiges for our 48+ awards in multiple competitions on the regional, state, and even national level. He is a great resource but does not hold your hand as well, giving the class the feeling of an actual workplace.

To learn more about our instructor, visit his Google+ page.


If you are looking to create and edit great videos we have the right tools for you to do so. Here you can learn how to use different video editing software and put together actual projects. We make sure you are able to really show your talent by giving the opportunity to record and edit different events within LCTI!

Here in our class you can turn your hobby into a career. There are many tricks and design to learn and we’ll make sure you obtain as much as possible within your time here. Our class has multiple cameras for use for your projects and you are given ample time for each endeavor you go on. Let your creativity show as we help you along.

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Graphic Design

We are proud to say our graphic designers have won multiple awards for the work they have made within this lab. Don’t let the name of the lab fool you, this is the perfect environment for those artistically gifted as well. We have the latest version of the full Adobe suite, including Photoshop and illustrator. Every computer comes with a sketchpad to make it incredibly easy for your imagination to be set free

Web Development/Design

Our lab has the tools and the knowledge to help you create stunning websites and land you a career in the field of web development. You start off learning HTML and CSS then from there you can move on to JavaScript, PHP, JQuery or any other programming language of your choice. Within a few weeks you’ll have built your first website from scratch, and from then on the possibilities are endless.

If you already know the basics or are even experience in building sites there is still much here for you. We have dozens of different books to help you expand your knowledge, you can sign out any modern device such as the Nexus 10 or an Apple IPad to use for your development projects. Our computers come with the latest technology and programs used in the field, and if you need anything extra we’ll be sure to get it. We make sure to keep our lab ahead of the curve and able to accommodate all of your needs.

There is no limit to what you can do within our lab; it’s just up to you to take advantage