Web Design Web Programming

What Will You Create?

Web Design

  • - Website Creation
  • - Website Planning
  • - Website Content Mannagement

You start off learning HTML and CSS then from there you can move on to JavaScript, PHP, JQuery or any other programming language of your choice. Within a few weeks you’ll have built your first website from scratch, and from then on the possibilities are endless.

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  • - Video Editing
  • - Animation Creation
  • - Record And Edit School Events

If you are looking to create and edit great videos we have the right tools for you to do so. Here you can learn how to use different video editing software and put together actual projects. We make sure you are able to really show your talent by giving the opportunity to record and edit different events within LCTI!

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Graphic Design

  • - Full Adobe Suite
  • - Every Computer Has Sketchpad
  • - Award Winning Design Team

We are proud to say our graphic designers have won multiple awards for the work they have made within this lab. Don’t let the name of the lab fool you, this is the perfect environment for those artistically gifted as well.

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Lab Summary

  • - Web Design
  • - Multimedia
  • - Graphic Design

Students will work hands-on using a variety of advanced production tools for the development of new media content, including the products of the Adobe Master Collection CS3 software suite. Comparable open source solutions are also provided for hands-on student learning.

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