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Demo of how to use SimplePie and a flat file database to display old feed items
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Demo of how to use SimplePie and a flat file database to display old feed items
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LCTI: Lehigh Career & Technical Institute
Mr. Joseph Peregrin
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Mrs. Ashlee Prutzman
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Dr. Rita Tatusko
Supervisor, Career & Technical Education

Welcome to LCTI Web Design / Programming

The Web Design/ Web Programming lab provides insight into designing and implementing new media technology solutions through appropriate design principles, understanding of Web page design fundamentals, and proficiency in Hypertext Markup Language coding. All web content utilize markup languages to organize and display everything from text, graphics, and multimedia (interactive animations, video, and sound) through Web browsers.

Students will work hands-on using a variety of advanced production tools for the development of new media content, including the products of the Adobe Master Collection CS3 software suite. Comparable open source solutions are also provided for hands-on student learning.

Advanced design techniques shall be implemented as students plan, design, and develop content management and e-commerce solutions. Web Design/Web Programming students will also develop server-side programming techniques utilizing CGI/Pearl scripting, JavaScripts, and XHTML coding to manipulate various data within page object parameters for the purpose of handling form data transmittal and e-commerce applications.

Since advanced online content management systems and e-commerce applications depend on active database manipulation, students will train in the fundamentals of database theory and design while developing and interacting with SQL databases.

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